PayMaster integrates all the Payroll and HR management activities. PayMaster is also known as Payroll Management System which consists of automated calculation of salaries, monitoring the employee performance and accounting processes. It merges various departments into a single unit like Finance, HR and Production so that they can communicate with each other by sharing their information. In these days it becomes very difficult to manage manually various tasks like data storage, generating the salary slips, calculations of the taxes and allowances in management. So our company has designed this software according to requirements of an organization. There are various modules in this software which increases the efficiency and functioning of an organization. It provides user friendly and flexible platform which can be expanded as per user requirements.


  • Manage Employee Details.
  • Easy to customized as per user requirements
  • High level of accuracy in payslips.
  • Keeping record of employee’s performance.
  • Easy to access data of employees.
  • Automated employee’s attendance generation.
  • User friendly platform.
  • It helps to save the time.
  • Manage the data security.
  • Automated MIS Reports generation.

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