Presentation Pro

Presentation Pro is the most comprehensive software that can help you in generating catalogs, presentations etc in a mouse click. These days in business the only thing that rules is Marketing which works on Presentations, catalogs and HTML pages created by Catalog Generator help you in growing your business better and faster, simultaneously help you in utilizing the available resources in the an efficient way. The product facilitates your business in expanding its limits as these catalogs can send any where via internet.


  • Simple: Can be learnt and used only with working knowledge of computers.
  • Scalable: Offers various tools which make it adaptable to growing and evolving needs.
  • Modular: Allowing you choose only those features which you need.
  • Flexible: Can be used by any business trade.
  • Customizable: The system can be customized to the business needs.
  • User Definable Fields and Specifications: The product facilitates the user to add items and their specifications.
  • Automated Presentation: Creates the desired presentation with a mouse click in few seconds.
  • Easy to Export: The created catalog can be easily exported to Web Page/ PowerPoint as per user requirement.
  • Add Category: Allows user to add various category of products in which he deals in. Any number of new categories can be added.
  • Edit Category: Allows the user to edit/delete the added categories.
  • Items: Allows the user to add countless number item details under a specific category. These details include category, item code, item name, price, description and image of that item.
  • Edit Item: Allows the user to edit/delete the desired item details.
  • Heads: Facilitates the user to item headers according to requirements.
  • Specification Master: Allows the user to add category wise item specifications for the particular item.
  • Add Specifications: Facilitates the user to add/edit item wise specification details.
  • Customize Preview: Allows the user to select the desired items for the presentation.
  • Export to PowerPoint: Allows you to generate power point presentation of items chosen in customize preview section. All this can be done just by clicking a button.
  • Export to Web Page: Facilitates you to export preview file to web pages. In this manner our product will create a web site for your products without any botheration.



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