Product designing & development is in our DNA. Our focus on research & development helps you to cut costs and access to ready-to-use new products while ensuring high quality,new features and greater innovation.

We use our technical expertise to develop product across the whole spectrum of tools, technologies, environments and methodologies. And providing the ready-to-use products to give you a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

New Product Development? 

Our expert teams can deliver a new product from Product Requirements Document to complete product or manage individual process segments. 

End-to-End Product Development Services?

Whatever your specific needs, our End-to-End Product Development Services team delivers the complete range of core SDLC services, including:

  • System Investigation
  • System Analysis
  • Architecture Design
  • Environment Testing
  • Training & Transition
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Professional Services & Support
  • Application Management

This is complemented by our specialty services portfolio, including:

  • Globalization, Internationalization & Localization
  • User Experience
  • Technical Documentation

A comprehensive and convenient listing of STELLAR's Enterprise Software products and SaaS offerings. 


Whether you choose an on-premise or a cloud-based model, Stellar's application products range has to offer choice and flexibility with the most comprehensive, modern and secure portfolio of products and services to fit your business needs. Cloud-based SaaS applications can be used to empower employees, ensuring that they have access to the data, applications and features they need to do their jobs more effectively.

  • Campuslive
  • Skool Manager
  • Finaxis (Desktop Application)
  • Finaxis (On Cloud)
  • iFlexpro (Desktop Application for Hotel Management)
  • Paymaster (Desktop Application for Payroll)
  • Paymaster (On Clound)
  • LaboCare (Desktop Application)
  • LaboCare (On Cloud)
  • Stellar+ ERP 
  • Hospital Management System (Desktop Application)
  • Hospital Management System (On Cloud)
  • Case Management System (On Cloud)
  • Legal Service Reporting System (On Cloud)
  • Legal Aid Management System (On Cloud)
  • Centralized Mediation Management System (On Cloud)
  • STRUTS (Desktop Application for Inventory Management)