Stellar includes custom computer programming, web site design, and Microsoft Office macro development expertise includes C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, ASP, JSP, MS .NET, SQL, Oracle, PHP, MySQL, ActiveX development, as well as other software development technologies. We use an incorporating barcode reader into the process to simplify data entry and information management in a very cost effective solution. We can deliver custom software solutions that are intuitive to use, minimize unnecessary effort and extend your business capabilities, eliminating human errors, saving money with a reliable workhorse by carefully designing the user interface and operational flow. Whether you require a database or a control system for driving industrial equipment, Stellar’s custom software can make your application a reality at an affordable price. During the course of past projects, Stellar Software has consistently utilized modular software design and object-oriented principles into new applications by reducing development efforts, resulting in an extensive library of reusable software components at an exceptionally competitive price.

Optical Custom Software Solution

Expert understanding of the broad spectrum of available development tools allows us to select the optimal approach for any given application. Although Stellar Software! specializes in the development of applications for the Web and Microsoft Windows® line of operating systems, past projects have also entailed applications written for Palm, UNIX, Motif, Linux, and various types of microcontrollers. Among the software technologies available to us, C++, Visual Basic, Java, PHP, ASP, CGI-BIN, SQL, Microsoft Foundation classes, ATL, ActiveX, STL, and COM have proven to be the most versatile and applicable to the majority of customer requests.

Computer Based Control and Automation

Nonetheless, software is not our only area of expertise. In order to consistently deliver turnkey custom solutions, our engineers must stay abreast of the most up-to-date hardware and software approaches. Stellar Software is especially well poised to develop computer based control systems for industrial and laboratory equipment including the development of the equipment itself.

Windows Custom Software Programming

Custom computer software development for Microsoft Windows line has always been our main area of expertise with language choice including Visual Basic (VB), Visual C++, Java, as well as others. Stellar expertise have huge knowledge of the current software engineering and hardware technologies with user interface development which allows us to recommend a smoothly integration of work environment having stream workflow that best suits your needs. Several past projects have greatly benefited from utilization of barcode scanners, card readers, automatic scales, and other hardware.

Database Design and Software Development

Many of our past projects have involved development of PC based computer programs that manage the data entered through an online website front having specialization in the development of such client-server database-driven custom applications. Database systems available to us include Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostGRE SQL and Microsoft Access.