A fully integrated Institute Administration Software which is designed as a complete suite of features that the best educational software you can have. CAMPUSLIVE™ is customized, easy to afford and most user-friendly Software for small, medium and large Campus, Institutes, Colleges and Academies. CAMPUSLIVE™ is capable of managing every detail of the Campus, such as:

  • Front Office Management: Enquiry, Courier, calls, guest book management
  • Document Flow Management: File & documents management
  • Admission & Registration:  Registration, Pre Admission Test, Prepare Admission List, student admission  
  • Student Management   System:   Student information Management, Discipline Management
  • Human Resource Management System: Recruitment, Faculty management, Leave management, Staff appraisal
  • Academic Management: Classes/Grades Management, Syllabus Management, Attendance Management  
  • Scheduler: Timetable Management  
  • Examination: Question Paper Management, Student Registration, Results, Promotion Management
  • Payroll Management: Salary definition, Allowance’s Management, calculation & processing, Statutory Reports
  • Financial Accounting Management: Financial transactions reports & statements
  • Inventory: Store keeping, book Store, Distribution of consumables
  • Tuck Shop: Management of Tuck Shop in the Campus  
  • Library Management: Procurement, Reservation, Circulation, Stock verification
  • Inventory Management: Stores, Vendors & Purchases Management
  • Asset & Estate Management: Asset movement, maintenance, value additions
  • Fees Management: Fee definition & transaction
  • Transport: Transport Fleet Management, Route’s Allocation & Management
  • Hostel: Hostel & Housekeeping Management
  • Activity / Events Management: Students activities & Event Management
  • Infirmary: Health Management
  • Web Portal: For students, parents, faculty, staff & Administration
  • Dashboard: For the Administration, Departments, Parents, Students, Staff
  • Alumni: Alumni Management
  • Send SMS through Online Gateway (Facility Available for more than 50 Countries)
  • Security Management: Issue Gate Passes, Verify Visitors, Appointments
  • User Management: Create Profiles, Assign Rights, Activate or Block Users, Procedural rights and Log Management  

 CAMPUSLIVE™ helps you in managing the Campus in an extremely efficient way. CAMPUSLIVE™ Comprises 75+ sub-modules & micro modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. Campus software facilitates the important Functions of Campus such as registration, admission, fee collection, attendance, Timetable, library, maintains of information about students, teachers As well as non-teaching staff of Campuses, colleges, academies and institutes an extremely easy and efficient.


  • Automate Registration and Admission
  • Excellent support system
  • Easy to access student information
  • Automated Time Table Generation
  • Customized Grade book as per needs
  • Easy to track student attendance
  • Automated Examination System
  • Provide facility to get the backup of data.
  • User Friendly
  • Student Certificate Generator
  • Provides MIS Reports Generation

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