Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management provide the comfort level of managing the sales for each single businessman. With this software It is very easy to assort the various business challenges which are facing by any organization in the world. It supports an organization to empower online customer relations very cost effectively. The main purpose of this system is to attract new customers, have knowledge of the customer’s needs, amend the existing system, how to win clients etc. CRM provides an interface to manage company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales presumption. CRM provides sales force automation tools like lead generation, pipeline analysis, sales stage, competitor analysis, real time forecasting etc to sales management so that management can achieve their defined objective. CRM is applicable for any type of organization whether it is small, medium or large. It provides a technology to organize various sales activities, marketing and customer service processes.


  • Automate data maintenance
  • Tracking Sales activities
  • Easy to connect customers
  • It can be customized according to requirements.
  • Integrate sales force
  • Manage various details of quotations
  • Keeping the records of employees.
  • Provides Project Management
  • Automated Reports Generation
  • Easy to access history of customers

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