Finaxis, our developers designed the best online software which is the most convenient way to keep track of outstanding payments that we need to collect. This software has helped make our business more streamlined, systematic and organized. To improve the efficiency of the financial transactions; we have designed ‘Finaxis Accounting System’. An organization can use this system to monitor and manage their income and expenses according to define objectives. It provides the facilities to manage various activities like accounting, investments and risk management. Financial accounting software minimizes the administrative burden on finance professional by providing automated routines. Accounting system is helpful for decision makers such as stockholders, suppliers, bank, employees and government agencies who are responsible for preparing financial statements.


  • Facility of cash and bank book.
  • Multiple debit/credit voucher entries.
  • Provides balance sheet and profit/loss accounts.
  • Maintains records regarding purchase and sales items.
  • Keeping the record of liabilities.
  • Making payments to suppliers.
  • Maintains records of bank receipt.
  • Automate calculation of payroll and associated entries.
  • Extend the software to meet your requirements.
  • Minimize the burden of reconciliation.
  • On-screen input and printout of the sales invoices.
  • Reduce errors and increase the productivity.

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